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Which Garage Floor is the best?

Epoxy flake garage floors are becoming an ever more popular choice for homeowners. Having a floor coating installed is an investment. It increases the value of your house, protects it for years to come, and extends your living space by making your garage a favorite spots for kids to play or friends to meet.

But which coating is the best? Let me try to simplify it for you.

Epoxy has certain benefits over polyspartic and polyspartic has certain benefits over epoxy. Epoxy floors are harder and more resilient to stains while being a more affordable option. They do have a longer drying time but this allows them to have a greater bond to the concrete floor compared to polyspartic. Epoxies are very rigid but it makes them more susceptible to scrapes and scratches and they have less UV stability which means they can yellow over time.

Polyspartics dry far quicker than epoxies and have less rigidity than epoxies making them less vulnerable to scuffs and scrapes. They also have greater UV stability which causes polyspartics to not yellow over time. But they are generally less affordable and can be prone to delaminate from concrete due to a weaker bond than epoxies. Polyspartics are also more slippery than epoxies.

So you see, both epoxies and polyspartics have pros and cons. How do you choose?

We at Sealwize Colorado Springs believe a combination of both is the best option. Our process of applying a garage floor utilizes both epoxy and polyspartic.

After grinding the substrate with diamond bits we roll and brush a thick coat of epoxy onto the concrete floor. Vinyl flakes are then densely broadcast over the epoxy coat. The vinyl flakes create grit on the surface that amplifies the slip resistant and it provides a secondary layer to protect the concrete floor and the epoxy coat. After 24 hours of dry time we then apply a coat of polyspartic sealer which makes your floor UV stable and less vulnerable to scrapes and scuffs.

By following the outlined process we can give you a beautiful garage floor while utilizing the benefits of both epoxy and polyspartic.

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